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”The perfect combination of Thai and Bali architecture”

The variety of Thai and Bali arts is being applied to blend with the local geography and tropical climate in Thailand

In addition, we have taken the inherited knowledge and talents of our ancestors to create the magnificent of art to the house thus carving of the house and paint it with gold lacquer made from real gold leaf as to increase its radiant, durability and worthiness.

“Secret of Water”

Most of the Thai’s house will normally have waterfront pavilion for relaxation outside the house.Viewtalay Marina has done the same by setting the poolside pavilion to every house.

In “Feng-Shui”, water is very important to a house. As a result, we have made the private pool to every single house in order to make the whole house cooler. Moreover the water stream from higher level to lower one as to create the beautiful sound of water running will create the most natural atmosphere to the house. And we also install Jacuzzi to the pool for those who love natural massage or what we call “Water Theraphy”
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